Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers
If you don’t have the resources to invest in building and operating complex servers, Quickmax can provide exclusive use of our dedicated servers and hardware, and Internet connectivity. Having your own dedicated server gives you full control, and the ability to configure and install any services or applications you need.
Backup and Recovery
To protect your vital network applications and information, Quickmax provides dedicated servers with complete backup, storage and retrieval services for all your data. Our backup strategy includes:
• Full weekly backups of your website, database and files to a remote tape backup.
• Daily incremental backups of any changes to your data.
• Backups of your data are saved for two weeks. We can help you fully recover and restore your data at any time, in the two-week period, in the event that any information is lost.

Virtual Hosting
For clients who don’t require dedicated servers, virtual hosting is an alternative solution. Quickmax can host your website on one of our shared enterprise-grade Solaris OS Apache Web servers.

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